Leeuwarden Studiestad

Leeuwarden Studiestad (Student Town Leeuwarden) is a foundation which strives to make sure that students can enjoy and make the most of their time in college. Every year, we organize the Leeuwarder Studenten Veldvoetbaltoernooi (LSV) (a field soccer tournament for students). There are always many students who participate in this, with much enthusiasm. Leeuwarden Studiestad also arranges a sensational Studenten Startspektakel (a student kick off spectacle) downtown each year: Leip! and  Midnight Cinema. Other events that Leeuwarden Studiestad offers are: Studenten Comedy Café (Student Comedy Café), Student vol Talent (Student full of Talent), Politiek Doe je Zo! (Practising Politics), de persprijs (the press prize), miXin’ and several workshops.

Besides organizing events, Leeuwarden Studiestad also provides you with daily information on student life in Leeuwarden and it helps you during the process of finding a place to live. Last but not least, Leeuwarden Studiestad provides the service of a student sports card, which allows students to participate in sports at a very low fee.